I posted a new project in the miscellaneous section in intend to get clean impelemntations
using the wxWindows gui : We got a few test running in our internal framework and the integration is very straight forward .

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I ll translate the mfcsample class and will post asar : can someone tell me where to host it (our company wont do that ) : is sf.net the best way to go ?

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I need advices with the licensing formulation : this should be compliant with both Open Cascade and wxWindows license , then still allowing hosting on sf.net , but that sould be satisifed
if both wxWindows and Open Cascade license terms
are matched .

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wxOCC has been submitted for hosting on sf.net

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I can't found it at Sourceforge? Could you send it to me?



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Hi could you send me the link where you posted the source? I can't find it anywhere.

Many thanks,