OpenCascade on Android, iOS devices ?

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I'm starting work on a CAD tool that I hope to port to Android and iOS devices. Is it possible to build & use OpenCascade on these ?

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The OCC folks are working on

The OCC folks are working on the Android port, see here.

And I have been using OCCT on iOS for a while. You can easily compile it, all I needed to do was to hack the osutils.tcl file, to generate iOS project files rather than OS X projects.

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Hi there, Any chance you

Hi there,

Any chance you could share further details on how you're building for iOS?


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I modified the osutils.tcl

I modified the osutils.tcl WOK files to generate iOS project files, instead of Mac project files.
Here you go:

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Opencascade Android

I have compiled and build the sample for Android using Opencascade. See here

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The demo application on

The demo application on Android was published. Please see

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Basic CAD model viewing and

Basic CAD model viewing and converting looks great! Looking forward to new new features.

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