Visual Studio 2017 support

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Do you plan to release OCCT 7.1.1 with VS 2017 support?

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Yes we are going to support VS 2017, to be added soon. The code does not seem to require any changes, thus the change will be only for name of configuration and build options (like output folder specific for that version).

There is one minor issue though: how to name this version -- they incremented VS version to 15 but compiler (and toolset) version only to 14.1...


Note that VS “15” and VS2015 are both major releases of Visual Studio with different major version numbers. The included compiler toolset, however, will have the same major version number – with the change described here, the minor version number can be used to distinguish compiler toolsets.

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And will you also make an

And will you also make an official release containing it, soon?

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Is there any progress?

Could you add the changes to configuration so that I can run CMake Visual Studio 2017. I haven't found anything in the git-repository regarding this.
Concerning your question of naming this version, I would be for "vc15".

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