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Dear OCCT-members,

I've scanned the document "Automatic Test System" and have come across this section:

"Before running tests, make sure to define environment variable CSF_TestDataPath pointing to the directory containing test data files. (Publicly available data files can be downloaded from http://dev.opencascade.org separately from OCCT code.)"

Unfortunately, I cannot find the test data on this website.

Have I overlooked something or have the test data files not been uploaded yet?

Please advise!

Thank you

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Data files are not ready yet

Hello Pawel,

Thank you for the question!
Sorry for not making this clear before: unfortunately the data files are not yet ready for publication, waiting for analysis and validation by our legal department.
I hope this will be completed in a few coming months.


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Hello Andrey, Is there some

Hello Andrey,
Is there some news about this issue? I'm also interested in running the tests in our environment...


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Data files are not ready yet, but tests are

Hello Jordi,

Sorry, publication of data files is still waiting for validation by legals and we cannot commit on any definite date when this will happen.

Nevertheless you can run tests in their current state: about 1/3 of tests do not require data files and should pass well, the remaining will be skipped.


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Hello, Any news about the


Any news about the release of these datas?
Since the upgrade to occt6.9.0, I'm having troubles on MacOSX 10.10.
Geom_BezierCurve constructor is crashing.
And I'm trying to understand what is going on.



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This is most likely an issue

This is most likely an issue of new XCode compiler - see the issue #0026042.
You may try the workaround for this issue in branch CR26042_2 of OCCT git.

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Thanks, I'll have a look.

Thanks, I'll have a look.


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