Bit by Bit

Bit by bit is a platform for programming geometry in the browser.

Bit by bit developers company was born in the midst of the pandemic in 2020 with the goal to help people learn mathematics & programming by creating and manufacturing tangible parametric designs.

We developed a cloud platform which allows users from all over the world to compose a rich set of 3D algorithms into parametric 3D designs and share those compositions in the form of scripts with others. We support creative programming of geometry for 3d printing, data visualization, art & education. Users are not required to install any additional software as the platform is fully accessible via the modern web browsers. Our registered users can create private scripts, but we encourage sharing. Publicly available scripts can be opened and used by people who do not have accounts. In order for beginners to use our software they are invited to enroll into our Bit by bit developers school where we teach principles of programming through design of real world objects. Pro users should check our API docs.

Because our software integrates many open-source libraries like OpenCascade Technology we also provide our core 3D algorithms under the MIT license. The UI code that contains editor integrations, corporate identity and our cloud-based algorithms are proprietary and will not be open. We believe that this separation of concerns will provide a healthy future for our company, our users and parties willing to use our core algorithms in their projects

Industrial sector: 
Automotive, AEC
Software type: 
Scope of application: 
3D modeling, Calculations, Time based simulations, 3D viewer, Social networking, Web
Functionality / feature-set: 
2 Code Editors, Inspect 3D Models, Geometric Algorithms, Simulations, Input/Output, Management Features, Share Scripts, Remix Scripts of Others, Online School
Suitable for: 
Freelance, Personal, Startups, SMEs, Research & Science, Schools and Coding Bootcamps
Deployment options: 
Web: Cloud; SaaS; Web-based
Programming Languages: 
JavaScript, HTML
Support Options: 
Phone, Live Chat, Email, Social Media, Video Tutorials/Webinar
Training Options: 
Documentation, Videos, Online School
MB Bit by bit developers company

Q. Where should I start?
A. Visit our site to check out our gallery page, run the scripts created by other users, enroll in our school, subscribe on our social media channels.

Q. Should I create an account?
A. If you want to share your work with others, automatically save it & make it available on all your devices or import assets, then yes. If these things are not important, you can use our web application without an account, but you will have to manage imports and exports of your code and scripts yourself. For more detailed explanation check our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Where can I ask questions?
A. We respond on all major social media channels, but it is best to join our Discord server for a chat, here is the invitation link.

Q. Does it matter what computer I’m using with the web app?
A. Yes. All of the 3D algorithms are currently being executed on the client’s computer. To execute OCCT code on the browser, for example, we use WebAssembly and WebWorkers. WebGL rendering and performance depends on your GPU.  All of that means that the better your hardware is the faster the code will execute and more FPS you will get.