CAD Processor

CAD Processor is a software solution allowing preparation and simplification of 3D reference data for dedicated downstream applications developed by Open Cascade.

It offers a vast set of accurate, robust and efficient algorithms for effective repair and optimization of CAD parts and assemblies, exporting the data for the downstream use in the most convenient form.

The solution comprises graphical user interface that is easy to navigate and learn. It supports native (as-designed) product hierarchy enabling quick access to and the ability to optimize the original product full scene tree with all metadata. Simplification and analysis of parts and assemblies for further simulation becomes a matter of a few clicks.

application, SDK
Industrial sector: 
Mechanical engineering, Automotive, Industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, Aircraft, Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Software type: 
Scope of application: 
Data Processing, Data Exchange, Simplification, Data Analysis, SDK, Scripting
Functionality / feature-set: 
Data Import/Export, 3D Print Optimization, Mechanical Design, Static Analysis, Simulation, Architectural Design, 3D Modeling, Electrical Design, Materials Library
Suitable for: 
Enterprises, SMEs
Deployment options: 
Server: Windows; Linux
Programming Languages: 
Support Options: 
Training Options: 
Open Cascade

Q. Does CAD Processor offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?
A. CAD Processor offers detailed product documentation that is a combination of a guide and a tutorial.

Q. What platforms does CAD Processor support?
A. CAD Processor supports Windows platform.

Q. What is CAD Processor generally used for?
A. The product is generally used for CAD data preparation and simplification.

Q. Who are the main user groups of CAD Processor?
A. Main users of CAD Processor are engineers who need CAD data simplification and preparation for various downstream use.