CADRays is an interactive GPU-accelerated photo-realistic 3D model viewer based on Open CASCADE Technology.

Being a combination of efficiency (it uses an optimized GPU path tracing rendering engine and acceleration structures) and interactivity (it provides immediate feedback to adjusting parameters of materials, light sources and a camera with a fully interactive frame rate) the solution slightly uncovers the potential capacity of the widest range of products, components and solutions that Open Cascade can offer to customers.

Thanks to platform-independent design, GPU acceleration will work on both AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards or even on integrated Intel GPUs (with rendering performance limited only by the graphics hardware capabilities). With CADRays, as a perfect example of rendering tools, you can see (or show to others!) how your product will look in reality just having a digital model of a product. And physical correctness allows achieving stunning results faster, with minimum parameters to tweak.

Industrial sector: 
Mechanical engineering, Automotive, Industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, Aircraft, Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Software type: 
Open Source
Scope of application: 
3D viewer, Scripting
Functionality / feature-set: 
Highly optimized GPU path tracing rendering engine, Double layered material model, Simulation, Perspective and orthographic camera models support, Interactive TCL console, Mesh support
Suitable for: 
Freelance, SMEs, Startups, Personal
Deployment options: 
Desktop: Windows
Support Options: 
Video Tutorials/Webinar
Training Options: 
Open Cascade