CAEplex is a web platform that can be used to run mechanical analysis computations in the cloud without needing to actually install any kind on software in the user's computer.

The main objective is to be able to solve

  • Heat conduction with temperature, heat flux and/or convective boundary conditions,
  • Modal analysis to compute natural frequencies and modes of oscillation, and/or
  • Mechanical elasticity optionally taking into consideration temperature distribution easily and quickly directly from a web browser.

Technically, it is a web front-end for a number of free and open-source back-ends running on the cloud. In other words, what others might call a "web-based simulation platform running on the cloud".
CAEplex was released online on February 2017.

Software type: 
Free & Commercial
Scope of application: 
Data Analysis, Calculations, FEM, Web
Functionality / feature-set: 
Easy-to-use yet fairly powerful web-based interface to solve thermo-mechanical problems using the finite element method running on the cloud, This interface allows users to 1. choose a geometry (either uploaded by the user or from an Onshape document), 2. define a problem (elasticity, heat conduction of modal analysis), 3. create a mesh, 4. solve the problem in the cloud, and 5. view and post-process the results. Note that CAEplex is the only fully-integrated simulation app in the Onshape App Store.
Suitable for: 
Freelance, Enterprises, Personal, Startups, SMEs, Research & Science
Deployment options: 
Web: Cloud; SaaS; Web-based
Programming Languages: 
Python, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, C, Bash
Support Options: 
Live Chat, Email, FAQ/Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials/Webinar
Training Options: 
Documentation, Videos

Q. How does CAEplex work?
A. CAEplex provides an interface for performing thermo-mechanical analysis directly in your browser. CAEplex gathers input data from the user and first interacts with Gmsh to obtain a suitable unstructured mesh. It then interacts with Fino to solve the problem using the finite-element method and finally shows the obtained results to the user. Every step is done directly from the browser and the computations are performed in the cloud. Thus, there is no need to install any extra software nor hardware.

Q. How can I use my own geometries?
A. Either

  • add a new geometry and drop your CAD file (in BREP, STEP, or IGES) into the upload zone, or
  • create a document in Onshape, subscribe to CAEplex in the App Store, add a new CAEplex tab and choose the Part Studio you want to analyze.

Q. How can I use CAEplex from my mobile phone?
A. Pay attention to the two icons at the top navigation bar. With them you can toggle the step properties and the geometric toolbars.

Q. How are Seamplex, CAEplex and Fino related?
A. Seamplex is the company that developed both Fino and CAEplex. Fino is a back-end for solving engineering problems using the finite element method.