DeclaraCAD is an open-source 3D modeling application that uses a declarative language to define models.

It’s goal is to simplify modeling by letting it’s users declare the process to build a model in code. As it is code based it benefits from the ability to track changes using version control (i.e. git) and make use of Python’s ecosystem.
The target audience is personal / hobby users with programming experience.

DeclaraCAD is currently licensed under the GPL v3.

GPL v3
Industrial sector: 
General purpose
Software type: 
Open Source
Scope of application: 
3D modeling, Mesh generation, Scripting
Functionality / feature-set: 
Qt based IDE, Declarative modeling language, Easy to use Part assemblies, Simple to use animations using data bindings, Embedded python console to interact with generated models
Suitable for: 
Freelance, Personal, Startups, Research & Science
Deployment options: 
Desktop: Windows; Linux
Programming Languages: 
C++, Python, enaml
Support Options: 
Training Options: 

Q. Can I use it with my own IDE?
A. Yes, you can run it in viewer mode and use your own text editor.

Q. Does DeclaraCAD require internet access or use any cloud services?
A. No.