DMU Reviewer

DMU Reviewer is a high performance software for democratized CAD viewing throughout the whole product lifecycle, developed by Open Cascade.

A powerful yet easy to use, DMU Reviewer is available on computers and tablets with Windows OS, supporting extremely heavy CAD files containing up to thousands parts.

DMU Reviewer comes with a robust feature set for 3D models visualization and navigation, geometric measurements, detailed analysis, etc. Accessible to a large number of stakeholders, the solution supports most popular 3D file formats as well as 2D drawings.

The solution allows viewing, analyzing, annotating, measuring design data and share it among all stakeholders at different stages of the production pipeline. 

Industrial sector: 
Mechanical engineering, Automotive, Industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, Aircraft, Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Consulting, Manufacturing
Software type: 
Scope of application: 
3D viewer, Data Exchange
Functionality / feature-set: 
2D Drawing, Annotations, Collaboration Tools, Data Import/Export, Multi-User, Integration with Augmented and Virtual reality
Suitable for: 
SMEs, Enterprises, Startups
Deployment options: 
Desktop: Windows
Support Options: 
Email, Phone
Training Options: 
Open Cascade

Q. Does DMU Reviewer offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?
A. Yes, the service offers multi-user capabilities.

Q. Does DMU Reviewer offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?
A. Yes, the service offers a user guide, video tutorials and customer support.

Q. Who are the main user groups of DMU Reviewer?
A. Engineers and constructors, designers, estimating/quoting, purchasing, suppliers to view and analyze 3D and 2D CAD design

Q. What is DMU Reviewer generally used for?
A. DMU Reviewer is a software tool for viewing and collaborating on 3D and 2D CAD files.