SALOME is an open-source software that provides a generic Pre- and Post-Processing platform for numerical simulation.

It can be used as a standalone application for generation of the CAD model, its preparation for the numerical calculations and post-processing of the calculation results or as a platform for integration of the external third-party numerical codes to produce a new application for the full life-cycle management of CAD models.

Industrial sector: 
Mechanical engineering, Automotive, Industrial equipment, Shipbuilding, Aircraft
Software type: 
Open Source
Scope of application: 
3D modeling, Parametric 3D modeling, Mesh generation, Data Analysis, Data Exchange, Calculations, Pre-processing, Post-processing, 3D viewer, Scripting
Functionality / feature-set: 
CAD model generation / import / healing; Mesh generation; Numerical simulation; Post-processing of calculation results; Distributed calculations; Supervision of calculation flows; Embedded Python interpreter
Suitable for: 
Enterprises, Personal, Research & Science, Startups, SMEs
Deployment options: 
Desktop: Windows; Linux
Programming Languages: 
C++, Python
Support Options: 
Phone, Email, Forum/Community, FAQ/Knowledge Base, Social Media, Video Tutorials/Webinar, Technical Support, Technology Consulting, Training
Training Options: 
In Person, Live, Documentation, Videos
English, French, Japanese
Open Cascade, CEA, EDF

Q. How I can get the text of SALOME license?
A. SALOME platform is distributed under LGPL license (GNU Lesser General Public License).

Q. Does SALOME provide any free open source solver?
A. No, there is no solver which comes with SALOME platform, but there are some solvers which can be used with it transparently. For example, salome_meca application provides an integration of code_aster solver into SALOME platform; similarly SALOME_CFD is an application that integrates Code_Saturne solver.

Q. How to install SALOME?
A. Linux: download SALOME archive and unpack it. Windows: download install wizard and execute it.

Q. What is a Python console?
A. SALOME provides embedded Python console, where the user can execute Python scripts. Many SALOME functionalities are mapped to the Python API and can be run using Python.

Q. How CORBA is used in SALOME?
A. Many SALOME components are implemented basing on CORBA middleware. This allows creating and executing distributed calculation workflows in the local network. Workflows are managed in SALOME via the Supervision (YACS) component.