STEP File Analyzer

STEP File Analyzer is an open source tool developed by NIST for STEP (ISO 10303) file analysis.

The STEP File Viewer supports parts and assemblies, dimensions and tolerances, sketch and supplemental geometry, and datum targets. The Analyzer generates a spreadsheet of all entity and attribute information; reports and analyzes any semantic PMI, graphical PMI, and validation properties for conformance to recommended practices; and checks for basic STEP file format errors.

The NIST STEP to X3D Translator (STP2X3D) is an open-source software that translates a STEP (ISO 10303) Part 21 file (.stp or .step) to an X3D (ISO/IEC 19776) file (.x3d) or X3DOM file (.html). The software is based on the Open CASCADE STEP Processor and written in C++.  X3DOM files can be displayed in a web browser.

Source code: GitHub
Type: application

Software type: 
Open Source
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Data Analysis