Drawing shaded shapes with visible edges


I'm trying to draw shapes (TopoDS_Shape's) in a V3D view that are both shaded (have a color and a transparency) and show visible edges (in a different color).

I've tried manipulating the AIS_Drawer returned by object->Attributes(), but nothing has worked.

I have achieved the effect I'm looking for by creating two AIS_Shapes for the TopoDS_Shape, displaying one of them shaded and displaying the other in WireFrame mode. But it seems there must be a more graceful and efficient way of doing this.

Any ideas? Thanks,

--Tom B.

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In Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.4 it says:

display of shading with edges

I can't find any documentation on this.

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I guess it is SetFaceBoundaryDraw (const Standard_Boolean theIsEnabled).
However, this doesn't work as expected. I am setting myContext()->DefaultDrawer. The line appears in shaded but when setting SetFaceBoundaryAspect although I specify black, the edge appears white.

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Did you solve your problem? My problem is, that sometimes the color of the shaded line switches from black to the color of its shape. Only a redisplay of the shape solves my problem.

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try using the new AIS_ColoredShape class it's working for me, it keeps its color, with the added bonus you can specify a color to a subshape:

Handle_AIS_ColoredShape curais = new AIS_ColoredShape(theshape);

//do as your doing activate boundary edges at the global level
getContext()->DefaultDrawer ()->SetFaceBoundaryDraw(true);
getContext()->DefaultDrawer ()->FaceBoundaryAspect()->SetColor(Quantity_NameOfColor::Quantity_NOC_BLACK);
getContext()->DefaultDrawer ()->FaceBoundaryAspect()->SetWidth(1.2);

//change line width

//change line type

// to set color of subshape

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Hi,sorry,could you explain the meaning of "subshape"?
Suppose you have a box :

TopoDS_Shape B1 = BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox(200., 150., 100.).Shape();
Handle(AIS_Shape) aBox1 = new AIS_Shape(B1);

Then what's subshape meaning?