2D drawing of cross section


we're currently checking if OpenCascade could be used as a replacement of our own graphic and mesh generation framework.

So, as of now, I'm reading through the examples and checking the documentation. And a question spring to mind:

If I have created a 3D representation of my structure, is there any way to convert this 3D representation to a 2D technical drawing with size/length annotations?

Something in the means of this example (but without the coloring): http://www.opencascade.com/../system/files/forum/features_0008.png

In our Framework, we have 2 separate "sub-frameworks" for this and I'd like to find a unified solution...

Thank you for your help and input.

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Dear Sir,

We believe we can propose you a solution.
I have contacted you in person - please, check your mail box.

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I would be really interested for information regarding the aforementioned topic.