AIS_PointCloud redisplay

Hello all,

how to redisplay a AIS_PointCloud after removing some points?

Thank you :)

Handle(SelectMgr_EntityOwner) object =;
Handle(AIS_PointCloudOwner) pointCloudOwner = Handle(AIS_PointCloudOwner)::DownCast(object);
Handle(TColStd_HPackedMapOfInteger) points = pointCloudOwner->SelectedPoints();

int from = points->ChangeMap().GetMinimalMapped();
int to = points->ChangeMap().GetMaximalMapped();

for (int i=from; i<to; i++)
  if (points->ChangeMap().Contains(i))

//until here everything makes sense and seems to work. But how to update the display?
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Your code removes point indexes from selection map. To remove points from presentation you need remove them from array Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints defined by AIS_PointCloud (e.g. re-create array or do some smarter things in subclass if your points array is really large) and then redisplay object (AIS_InteractiveContext::Redisplay() or similar).

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Thanks Kirill,

I delete the points in my source and all works fine (and fast).

My point cloud has ~200.000 points and I was worried it takes too long. Turns out I can't even see a delay. I guess things changed since I was programming on a Commodore VC20 and saved my programs on a music cassette...

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Hi Daniel, I want to know how to delete points in Graphic3d_ArrayOfPoints