AIS_Trihedron different behavior for two project

Hello everyone,

I have two project and one of them is written with c#, for this project I use OCCTProxy. Other project is written with c++ and I have a problem with AIS_Trihedron.

For c# project for width of each axis on Trihedron I use these code parts below:


And it works, can see the changes but these lines don't work at all on c++ project side? I don't know how to deal with width of trihedron axis lines. Does anybody have any idea for that?

Thanks in advance.

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I guess that the other 'C++ project' creates OpenGL Core Profile, which doesn't support line width other than 1 pixel. Only OpenGL Compatible Profile supports thick lines.

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Is there a way to set the opengl as compatible version to my application for setting width of axes line?

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I guess so - don't know how your application configures OpenGL context.

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I have tried again in your c++ opengl sample project and it didn't work neither. So maybe if possible, you would try that on your computer.

Sample project name: occt-qopenglwidget-samle

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That's because of OpenGL Core Profile. You may tune it by changing variable myIsCoreProfile.

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omg, how is that possible to know everything man?!?!? That works! So many thanks!!!