Curves are not drawn correctly, displayed broken

I am trying to draw a curve but the result is unexpected ( OCC 6.9.0). I draw it with the help of AIS_InteractiveContext, but somehow it looks like broken, not a continuous curve. I separately tried something to solve it, but these have not solved my problem completely:

1 - I manually changed the DeviationCoefficient and DeviationAngle, the problem was solved but it was shown with flicker and it got slower.

2 - I also tried to CloseAllContext and then OpenLocalContext, then "Display()" again my curve, the problem was solved again. But it had flicker problem there also.

My application needs to change curve's control point repeatedly, so I have to Display my curve frequently. The solutions I mentioned above were not suitable for me. Since redisplaying solves my problem with flickering, I assume that it is just a visualization problem. How can I solve this problem without redisplaying and flickering?

I have also uploaded before and after redisplay visuals of my curve, so you can see the problem.

EDIT: I have also coded a sample about my problem, you can built and observe the problem. There are two functionality here: "Wing" and "Refresh" in menu bar, one creates wing and other refreshes it. I used Qt4 for build operation. Please feel free for asking questions about sample program or building it or anything.

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I added sample code of my problem. You can easily build and run to observe the problem.