Displaying assembly and change its color

I am reading STEP assembly using STEPCAFControl_Reader and putting all the compounds and solids in a tree structure.

My tree node contains a name which I obtained from TDF_Label, and a shape which is AIS_ConnectedInteractive.

I display this tree by recursively going thru all the nodes and using m_Context->Display(shape, false), where m_Context is AIS_InteractiveContext.

Everything works but I cannot change the color of the assembly by using:

colorTool->SetColor(label, color, XCAFDoc_ColorSurf);

The color changes when it gets first loaded, but when I change it later, it stays the same color. I double checked the color by calling:

Quantity_Color col;
colorTool->GetColor(label, XCAFDoc_ColorSurf, col);

The col variable does update to the new color I just set, but the view somehow didn't update it.

In my render loop, I have the following:

m_Context->Update(shape, false);

If I create a primitive shape such as a BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox, everything will work, displaying, color changing, etc. Just not assemblies.

So my question, do I need to use TPrsStd_AISViewer and TPrsStd_AISPresentation to achieve what I want? Or am I missing something obvious here?

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AIS_InteractiveContext generated from TopoDS_Shape only once. And attributes re-create only once. After generation of context from XCAF you be able to update attributes only on AIS level. Any updates of already parsed XCAF will not impact on view.

Best regards, Dmitrii.