Double buffer

Hi !
How can I use the double buffer on X11 ?
For the moment, the 'Context::EraseAll()'/'Context::Display()' in a V3d_Viewer/V3d_View is obviously not efficient : there must be a unique method (like 'Update()') to refresh the graphic..

Should I use Visual3d_Viewer/Visual3d_View ? Or V3dView::TransientManagerBeginDraw(), but the return code is 'False' for the use of double buffer. So, the V3d_View::Update(), V3d_Viewer::Update() or V3d_Viewer::Redraw() don't do anything (or they keep the old graphic and add the new one).

Thanks for your suggestions.

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The docs do not mention double buffering indeed.
I'd like to know as well; getting a bit of a headache glazing a non double buffered OGL view...

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update是如何刷新图形的呢   ,具体在哪一块啊