How to disable wire drawing in Web Assembly?

Hello, Now I'm trying to add a fully transparency object. I made a Prs3d_Drawer to disable all drawing features. But there remain wires (or face boundary?) like the screen shot. How can I disable all wire drawing of an object? Please help me !

P.S. SetTransparency(1.0) is not working for me. It shows wires when mouse hovering.

Here is my code :

    Handle(AIS_Shape) aisShape = new AIS_Shape(BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere(gp::Origin(), 10).Shape());

    Handle(Prs3d_Drawer) drawer = new Prs3d_Drawer();


    context->SetLocalAttributes(aisShape, drawer, true);

    context->Display(aisShape, true);
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Now I'm trying to add a fully transparency object.

What is the purpose for adding invisible object to the viewer? Just don't display it....

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Haha Sorry. My explanation was not enough.

My purpose is to make a Picking Area. with the AIS_Shape.
It should be hidden and should be pickable.

There are so many Aspects in OCCT, but it seems to be a bit hard to find the exact aspect for that wire.

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It's resolved!


There is no more wires!

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I guess your screenshot is not when displaying the sphere, but when highlighting it. AIS_Shape uses AIS_Wireframe presentation mode for highlighting by default, so you may ask aisShape->SetHilightMode(AIS_Shaded) to use the same presentation for highlighting.

Transparent presentation is still displayed in the viewer, though you wouldn't see it. So for most optimal performance it would be better using Aspect_IS_EMPTY aspect to suppress rendering or subclass AIS_Shape and override AIS_Shape::Compute() to draw nothing with a dummy primitive array defining bounding box of a shape. But I guess this is not important in your case.

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Aspect_IS_EMPTY is what I want!! Really appreciate you :)