How to Display Coordinate System


I want to display coordinate system on the view as in attached photo(Only main axes X, Y, Z). Do you know how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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You may try V3d_View::GraduatedTrihedronDisplay(), V3d_Viewer::ActivateGrid() or implement a custom presentation displaying coordinate system in desired way.

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Thank you Kirill,

Can you help how can I implement a custom presentation(if you have a sample code I would very much appreciate it), I want a similar coordinate system to graduated trihedron. There will be no grids, X, Y, Z Lines will go from origin point and X,Y,Z Lines will stay stable(it should not move, graduated trihedron moves while shape moves). Only their length will change dynamically based on positions of AIS_Shapes. Additionally, I want to show fixed distances on X,Y,Z lines( I guess it is similar to TickmarksLength of Axis Aspect class). In the end I want a similar coordinate system to the one in the attached photo.

Even if you dont have a complete answer, any information would be great (Like how to create tickmarks, how to create text on an axis, how to create line with fixed length(GC_makeline creates an infinite line)). Thanks in advance,