How to remove lines on 3d geoemtry using VTK/OCC interface?

Using vtk/IVtkOCC_Shape to display a box, but there are many lines(iso line?) on box, is there any way to remove these lines which on box?

thanks very much

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IVtkOCC_ShapeMesher can set isos number

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thanks very much, but it seems the API is not open in IVtkTools_ShapeDataSource, so I have to recompile source code  ?

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So far IVtkTools_ShapeDataSource has no input parameters, hence IVtkOCC_ShapeMesher is initialized with defaults.
You can extend IVtkTools_ShapeDataSource interface with necessary options (yes, you will have to recompile OCCT then), and consider contributing your modifications:

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I applied as developer and sent license file, but seems no respond


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Hello Kevin,

If you have submitted CLA on May 17th, then you should have received confirmation the same day.

Please check your mail box - perhaps our reply went to your spam folder.