Is it possible to hide an interactive object only in a V3d_View?

We can build several V3d_View(s) to render interactive objects. I am wondering if it is possible to hide an interactive object only in one of those V3d_View(s). I think it isn't possible. If so, I think the feature is quite demanded.

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

Each V3d_View/Visual3d_View manages its own list of (low-level) displayed presentations. What you are talking about is probably not exactly V3d_View, but AIS_InteractiveContext + V3d_View.

AIS_InteractiveContext is created for V3d_Viewer and synchronizes presentations lists between all V3d_View created for one V3d_Viewer, save the minor exceptions like temporary objects created in immediate list (e.g. dynamic highlighting of sub-shapes in local context), ZBuffer trihedron and some others. This is by design.

Normally one would create dedicated V3d_Viewer + AIS_InteractiveContext pair when windows should contain different lists of objects. Though in some cases it still might be useful to have this feature using single V3d_Viewer instance.