Make a different axis the UP vector in a 3D view

In general the "UP" direction will be Z+.
I have one use who needs Y+ to be the up direction in the 3D view.

What woud be the best strategy to do this ?

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Most functionality of OCCT 3D Viewer is irrelevant to model Up orientation.
Which exactly problem are you trying to solve?

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I forgot in my initial poste to mention that this relates to the turntable style of view rotation set with SetLockOrbitZUp (bool theToForceUp). So instead of locking Z, I would like to lock Y or X

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AIS_ViewController currently supports only Z-up turntable mode. So your options could be:

  • Improve AIS_ViewController with an option for handling Y-up orientation.
  • Subclass AIS_ViewController and implement this logic at application level.
  • Convert model into Z-up orientation during import process
    (for example, RWGltf_CafReader does it during glTF model import).