Memory increase when MustBeResized is called?

Memory will increase when MustBeResized is called.
Then it will not be released...

Opencascade V7.4.0
PC OpenGL 3.1

Is there a way to release the memory?

code >>>>>

Handle_V3d_View m_view

m_view->MustBeResized(); // <----

<<<<< code

This problem does not occur on an OpenGL 4.6 PC.

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You haven't provided details on how you have measured memory usage parameters for "Memory will increase".
In general, OpenGL driver may manage their memory as a black box in the way they would like to - in many cases this means lazy memory release.

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Thank you for your advice.
I'm using "procexp.exe"(Process Explorer) to check "Private Bytes".
Memory was not released after more than 10 minutes ...

[Process Explorer]

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Provided details are still too spare to share any thoughts.