Normal map texture support

Hello all,

in this document (page 4)

it says there is now Normal map texture support.

Could please somebody be so kind and lead me to an example? All I was able to find was in opencascade-7.6.0\src\BinMXCAFDoc\BinMXCAFDoc_VisMaterialDriver.cxx.

I would like to set a normal map texture to a AIS_Shape


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Take a look onto XCAFDoc_VisMaterial::FillAspect(). What you need is to define Graphic3d_TextureSet instead of a single texture and assign texture to Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Normal unit (and Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor for a normal color texture).

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Thanks Kirill, I got it going so far:

m_textureset = new Graphic3d_TextureSet(4);

filename = folder + "grassPaver/Grass_Paver_DIFF.png";
m_textureBaseColor = new Graphic3d_Texture2Dmanual (filename.toStdString().c_str());
m_textureset->SetValue(Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor , m_textureBaseColor);

filename = folder + "grassPaver/Grass_Paver_DIFF.png";
m_textureEmissive = new Graphic3d_Texture2Dmanual (filename.toStdString().c_str());
m_textureset->SetValue(Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Emissive , m_textureEmissive);

filename = folder + "grassPaver/Grass_Paver_OCC.png";
m_textureOcclusion = new Graphic3d_Texture2Dmanual (filename.toStdString().c_str());
m_textureset->SetValue(Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Occlusion , m_textureOcclusion);

filename = folder + "grassPaver/Grass_Paver_NRM.png";
m_textureNormal = new Graphic3d_Texture2Dmanual (filename.toStdString().c_str());
m_textureset->SetValue(Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Normal , m_textureNormal);

Using is as follow

m_textureset = OccGraphics::instance()->textureset();

I tried to assign ONLY Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor and Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Normal but this is crashing. I have to assign something for Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Emissive and Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Occlusion as well.

I have to admit that I do not fully understand all the different textures yet and not sure what to do.

As attachment the result I get.

The textures are too big to upload here.But this is the link:


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m_textureset = new Graphic3d_TextureSet(4);
m_textureBaseColor = new Graphic3d_Texture2Dmanual (filename.toStdString().c_str());
m_textureset->SetValue(Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor , m_textureBaseColor);

That's not how texture units are supposed to be set in OCCT. Graphic3d_TextureSet::SetValue() just assigns value to an array index - it should be incremented in the loop. Graphic3d_TextureUnit values should be set to to Graphic3d_TextureParams::TextureUnit() property:
m_textureBaseColor->GetParams()->SetTextureUnit (Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor);

You might want also to specify normal map and occlusion textures as stored in linear, not gamma-corrected color space to avoid their distortion:

Handle(Graphic3d_Texture2D) aTexture = ...;
aTexture->GetParams()->SetTextureUnit (...);
aTexture->SetColorMap (aTexture->GetParams()->TextureUnit() == Graphic3d_TextureUnit_BaseColor || aTexture->GetParams()->TextureUnit() == Graphic3d_TextureUnit_Emissive)

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Works great - looks so much better.
Thank you!