OpenVR occtvr_actions.json not found

Hi all,
When trying to run OpenVR is get following error:

OpenVR, Unable to open actions manifest 'C:\Users\XXX\Documents\QtProjects\windows\build-GabbieCam-Desktop_Qt_5_15_2_MinGW_64_bit-Debug\GabbieCam\debug\GabbieCam.exe/occtvr_actions.json'

I copied all the json-files from




My app is showing in HTC VIVE headset but when I move then the pictures disappears.

Any idea what else to do?

Thank you!

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Apparently, there is a bug in defaultActionsManifestInit() in Aspect_OpenVRSession.cxx:

-    return OSD_Process::ExecutablePath() + "/occtvr_actions.json";
+    return OSD_Process::ExecutableFolder() + "/occtvr_actions.json";

That's why you see weird path GabbieCam.exe/occtvr_actions.json in error message. You may fix the bug or set CSF_OCCTResourcePath environment variable.

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I was able to load the json files via

OSD_Environment osdEnvironment("CSF_OCCTResourcePath","C:\\Users\\XXX\\Documents\\QtProjects\\windows\\GabbieCam\\GabbieCam\\resources\\XRResources");