Possible bug in visualization module.


please consider the attached snapshot. There's a displayed object with its view clipped with a plane:


Handle(V3d_Plane) plane = new V3d_Plane;

plane->SetPlane(a, b,c, d);

view->AddClipPlane( plane->ClipPlane());



I usually use clipping planes to explore and select (sub-)shapes from "inside" of objects. However, the (sub-)shapes that are hidden by the clipping plane are also selectable (highlighted with white in the attached png). This prevents me from selecting (sub-shapes) from "behind"  them (i.e. "inside" an object). 

I noticed this behavior in OCCT 6.9.1 whereas OCCT 6.7.1 works as expected - the shapes (entirely) hidden by the clipping plane are not detectable/selectable.

Is this the intended behavior in 6.9.1 or does it represent a bug? How can fix? 



V. Catina



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Dear Valeriu,

We confirm it is an OCCT bug and Mantis issue #26973 has been reported for this problem.

Can you please describe steps to reproduce the bug in the issue, in terms of OCCT C++  API calls or DRAW commands?

Best regards


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Dear FSR,

I would say the steps already posted in Mantis (issue #26973) correctly reproduce the bug. I additionally tried to enable shape decomposition (FACE mode) and move the cursor over faces but the command "vselmode"  does not seem to work in Draw.


V. Catina