Progress Of Diplaying AIS_InteractiveObject

Hi I am displaying many objects thorugh recursive iteration. I can acess the reading and transfering progress with Reader().WS(); but how about progress of displaying shapes using Display() them ? I am displaying them in a recursive method.

Is there a way to see the progress of displaying shapes?

Kirill Gavrilov's picture

If you are doing some jobs like iteration over objects, creation of presentation, displaying them in AIS_InteractiveContext, then you may extend this algorithm with a Message_ProgressIndicator API to draw user current progress.

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We are already doing that in reading and transferring operations with Message_ProgressIndicator , but I cant implement it for displaying shapes

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So, what exacly prevents implementing a progress indication withing your loop of objects?
Unclear documentation of Message_ProgressIndicator / Message_ProgressScope, lack of code samples?