Question concerning visualization capabilities of Open Cascade

Good day,

I have a quick question on something I haven't seen in the OCC samples and through a quick exploration of the API.

I am looking at opencascade as a replacement for another graphics engine/modeler, but I absolutely require the ability to generate 2D drawings containing a title block, multiple views of a model or models and dimensions/text. I know that OCC can do the 2D projections, the dimensions and the text. I also know that it can display multiple views of different contexts, but I haven't seen anywhere two views in the same window. The image added provides an example of what I am trying to achieve.

My question is rather simple, would OCC be able to generate something along those lines, without having to get into the source code?

Thank you for your time.

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Hi Mathieu,  I am also wondering the same without going into details of OCC.  Did you find the answer to your question?  

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You can implement 2D drawings in OCCT-based application in one way or another.

Views are expected to be mapped to different windows (in case, if it is really necessary putting 2D drawings into dedicated Views),
but these are not necessary to be dedicated windows with a border and title.

Using GUI framework features (like QOpenGLWidget or QtQuick) would allow also composing OCCT Views in arbitrary way with some extra efforts.