Relationship between Layer, View, Viewer, and Context

I have a single context and single viewer, but create multilple views so the scene can be viewed from different directions. For each view I create a Visual3d_Layer so that I can add text and linework. I'd like to add different text to each view. Unfortunately, all views appear to draw the same overlay layer, the last one I created.

Is there any way to get different views of the same context to use different overlays? For performance reasons I'd really like to avoid creating 4 different viewers and 4 different contexts, each containing an identical set of shapes.

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Handle(V3d_Viewer) myViewer;

Handle(V3d_View) myView1 = myViewer->CreateView();
Handle(V3d_View) myView2 = myViewer->CreateView();

then you can set different projections by SetProj method on each view

this way you do not need to have different viewers or contexts