Some Surfaces Not Highlighting With Selection

Hello, I have a strange problem in a specific step file which seems to have no problems in it’s format.

Essentially, I can correctly select the entire model as a compound shape, and the highlight will apply from my custom attributes. However, when I select faces individually with the face selection mode certain surfaces do not highlight with mouseover, or highlight with selection.

If I hover over the area, then initiate the selection mode again, they appear to behave correctly.

I also switch to another set of attributes, which shows what the user has selected in the past, and these problem faces do not highlight, even in the case of having been selected via compound selection in the past.

I stepped through the Highlight With Color call made and it appears to be the same in the case of a problem face and a working face.
I can’t share the step file, but I can tell you the surfaces with problems appear to have slight “twist” to them.

Any idea why certain faces might be a problem, and only sometimes a problem? I used the T Inspector and they correctly render in that, and are indeed faces according to the custom properties. The attributes are being applied with Set Dynamic Highlight Attributes and Set Highlight Attributes on load. In this case the highlight is triggered with AIS Context Shift Select and Select. In the case of showing previous selections, then attributes are also passed in with Highlight With Color after calling AIS Context Add Select.