STEP/IGES Render with OpenGL

Good afternoon.
I'm sorry for my English (I translate using google.translate)

Recently, in this forum, I am interested in information on how to import STEP and IGES files and then get the essence of these files. Then they helped me well. And then I was able to get data for NURBS surfaces, built this surface and render it all using OpenGL.

Now I'm interested in the question of how to load and render the entire model at once (just using OpenGL)? For example, those models that come with OpenCascade.

I looked IESample, but as I understand it used VTK to visualize and my scene is already initialized and rendered using OpenGL (Qt + OpenGL), and I did not understand how to take the example of the code I needed to render the model.

Any help is welcomed. Thank you.

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OpenCascade's visualization is not based on VTK. It uses in-house rendering engine, which works really faster than VTK and provides nice picking mechanism. You can find some useful letters in official documentation ( But if you already have your own visualization engine, then probably OpenCascade ends with a faceter (BRepMesh) for you. It gives you the polygonalization, and you render it the way you like.