ToPixmap() with a ray tracing V3d_view gives 'not finished' image

Hi gentlemen, I am using ToPixmap(...) to generate a nice image from a ray tracing view, but there is only one call to Redraw() in ToPixmap() so my image is 'not finished' as it requires many more passes...

I am thinking to create a new class that inherits from V3d_View and override the redraw function to redraw n times in place of one time but I am not sure it is the best solution ?

For the future OCC version maybe adding a redraw count parameter to V3d_ImageDumpOptions ?

Can you please give me some advices?

Best regards.

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You may call Redraw() on your own before making an image dump. If image dump parameters are the same as viewer parameters - you'll get accumulated PathTracing results.

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Hi gkv and thanks for your answer. I tried but it is not working as ToPixmap() is switching to another framebuffer for offscreen rendering, this is why I thougth to a more complex way.