Transform TopoDS_Shape or the content or V3d_View into cv::Mat


Is there any way of passing from TopoDS_Shape to Mat(OpenCV) directly? I mean, without having to save images in external folders. Now, I'm doing it saving the content of the V3d_View as an image by the method::Dump and then reading it with OpenCV. However, the resolution of the saved image is very poor and this is not an efficient method. Any idea?


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There is not need to save image to the file for dumping V3d_View - look onto V3d_View::ToPixmap() method taking Image_PixMap for storing image snapshot. You can then either wrap Image_PixMap into cv::Mat or in opposite way - both classes provide an interface for wrapping external memory pointer, you need to find the appropriate pixel format / CV array type pair suitable for your application. RGBA8 is a native format used by 3D Viewer by default.

Have no idea if TopoDS_Shape can be mapped somehow directly to cv::Mat.

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It works! Thank you!