Visualization using VIS

I am developing a C++ and OCCT based simple application on Mac OS Big Sur and trying to get visualization of the created STEP models (TopoDS_Shape) using VTK Integration Services (VIS) of OCCT. I installed OCCT on Mac using homebrew and I have the latest release of OCCT, 7.5.0.

The problem I am facing is that I am unable to find any of the "TKIVTK" libraries on my machine. I couldn't find any IVtkOCC_ShapeMesher classes as well. On top of that, when I search for the "IVtkOCC_ShapeMesher" class reference, just for an example, in the OCCT reference manual, its not mentioned in the 7.5.0 manual but only in 7.0.0 release's manual. Is VIS discontinued in 7.5.0? Do I need to manually build and install the OCCT with some custom options for VIS to work? Please suggest.


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OCCT formula in homebrew doesn't enable VIS component (there is no USE_VTK=ON option passed to CMake). So either you need building OCCT on your own or modify homebrew formula.

I hope that TKIVtk is perfectly buildable on macOS as it doesn't involve platform-specific code, but TKIVtkDraw (Draw Harness plugin for testing TKIVtk) is actually known to be not yet ported to macOS - see related bug #29187. This shouldn't be something blocking to use TKIVtk on macOS, though.