the selected subshape does not have topological relationship with orginal shape in OCC680

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in topic : "" , I have attached one code for testing subshape selection. this code is developed from the example of occ.

the code can give the right result with occ671, but not with occ680.

I think it is a bug for occ680.

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AIS_LocalContext::SelectedShape() change

Hello id_wangyue!

Thank you for reporting this problem through OCCT Mantis!
This is the right way to process a bug, indeed.

Most likely, the bug is a result of modification in AIS_LocalContext::SelectedShape() method introduced in the scope of issue 24837: Visualization - revise design and implementation of connected Interactive Objects

While the bug correction is in progress, perhaps you can try a workaround and compare TShape() and Orientation() of the two shapes but not Location(). Certainly, this workaround is not always applicable, but it might unblock your work for some time.

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Patch is ready

Hello id_wangyue,

You can try the patch from the OCCT Git branch CR25492, it should resolve the issue.

Thanks again for reporting the problem quickly!

Best regards,

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