Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0

Standard_DefineException.hxx File Reference

#include <Standard_Type.hxx>


 Defines an exception class C1 that inherits an exception class C2. More...
 Obsolete macro, kept for compatibility with old code. More...

Macro Definition Documentation


class C1 : public C2 { \
void Throw () const Standard_OVERRIDE { throw *this; } \
public: \
C1() : C2() {} \
C1(Standard_CString theMessage) : C2(theMessage) {} \
C1(Standard_CString theMessage, Standard_CString theStackTrace) \
: C2 (theMessage, theStackTrace) {} \
static void Raise(const Standard_CString theMessage = "") { \
Handle(C1) _E = new C1; \
_E->Reraise(theMessage); \
} \
static void Raise(Standard_SStream& theMessage) { \
Handle(C1) _E = new C1; \
_E->Reraise (theMessage); \
} \
static Handle(C1) NewInstance(Standard_CString theMessage = "") { return new C1(theMessage); } \
static Handle(C1) NewInstance(Standard_CString theMessage, Standard_CString theStackTrace) { return new C1(theMessage, theStackTrace); } \
#define Handle(Class)
Define Handle() macro.
Definition: Standard_Handle.hxx:400
#define Standard_OVERRIDE
Should be used in declarations of virtual methods overridden in the derived classes,...
Definition: Standard_Macro.hxx:41
std::stringstream Standard_SStream
Defines Standard_SStream as typedef to C++ string stream.
Definition: Standard_SStream.hxx:21
const Standard_Character * Standard_CString
Definition: Standard_TypeDef.hxx:88

Defines an exception class C1 that inherits an exception class C2.

C2 must be Standard_Failure or its ancestor. The macro defines empty constructor, copy constructor and static methods Raise() and NewInstance(). Since Standard_Failure implements class manipulated by handle, DEFINE_STANDARD_RTTI macro is also added to enable RTTI.

When using DEFINE_STANDARD_EXCEPTION in your code make sure you also insert a macro DEFINE_STANDARD_HANDLE(C1,C2) before it.



Obsolete macro, kept for compatibility with old code.