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Data Structures
Graphic3d_CubeMapOrder.hxx File Reference
#include <Graphic3d_CubeMapSide.hxx>
#include <Standard_Macro.hxx>

Data Structures

class  Graphic3d_CubeMapOrder
 Graphic3d_CubeMapOrder maps sides of cubemap on tiles in packed cubemap image to support different tiles order in such images. Also it can be considered as permutation of numbers from 0 to 5. It stores permutation in one integer as convolution. More...
class  Graphic3d_ValidatedCubeMapOrder
 Graphic3d_ValidatedCubeMapOrder contains completely valid order object. The only way to create this class except copy constructor is 'Validated' method of Graphic3d_CubeMapOrder. This class can initialize Graphic3d_CubeMapOrder. It is supposed to be used in case of necessity of completely valid order (in function argument as example). It helps to automate order's valid checks. More...