Open CASCADE Technology  7.4.0.beta
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OpenGl_LineAttributes.hxx File Reference
#include <OpenGl_Resource.hxx>
#include <Aspect_TypeOfLine.hxx>
#include <Aspect_TypeOfMarker.hxx>
#include <Font_FontAspect.hxx>
#include <Graphic3d_HatchStyle.hxx>
#include <NCollection_DataMap.hxx>

Data Structures

class  OpenGl_LineAttributes
 Utility class to manage OpenGL state of polygon hatching rasterization and keeping its cached state. The hatching rasterization is implemented using glPolygonStipple function of OpenGL. State of hatching is controlled by two parameters - type of hatching and IsEnabled parameter. The hatching rasterization is enabled only if non-zero index pattern type is selected (zero by default is reserved for solid filling) and if IsEnabled flag is set to true. The IsEnabled parameter is useful for temporarily turning on/off the hatching rasterization without making any costly GL calls for changing the hatch pattern. This is a sharable resource class - it creates OpenGL context objects for each hatch pattern to achieve quicker switching between them, thesse GL objects are freed when the resource is released by owner context. More...


typedef NCollection_DataMap< Handle< Graphic3d_HatchStyle >, unsigned int > OpenGl_MapOfHatchStylesAndIds

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