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Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp Class Reference

Temporary data frame definition. More...

#include <Graphic3d_FrameStatsData.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp ()
 Empty constructor. More...
void FlushTimers (Standard_Size theNbFrames, bool theIsFinal)
 Compute average data considering the amount of rendered frames. More...
void Reset ()
 Reset data. More...
void operator= (const Graphic3d_FrameStatsData &theOther)
 Assignment operator (skip copying irrelevant properties). More...
Standard_RealChangeFrameRate ()
 Returns FPS (frames per seconds, elapsed time). More...
Standard_RealChangeFrameRateCpu ()
 Returns CPU FPS (frames per seconds, CPU time). More...
OSD_TimerChangeTimer (Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer theTimer)
 Return a timer object for time measurements. More...
Standard_SizeChangeCounterValue (Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter theIndex)
 Get counter value. More...
Standard_Sizeoperator[] (Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter theIndex)
 Modify counter value. More...
Standard_RealChangeTimerValue (Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer theIndex)
 Modify timer value. More...
Standard_Realoperator[] (Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer theIndex)
 Modify timer value. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Graphic3d_FrameStatsData
Standard_Real FrameRate () const
 Returns FPS (frames per seconds, elapsed time). This number indicates an actual frame rate averaged for several frames within UpdateInterval() duration, basing on a real elapsed time between updates. More...
Standard_Real FrameRateCpu () const
 Returns CPU FPS (frames per seconds, CPU time). This number indicates a PREDICTED frame rate, basing on CPU elapsed time between updates and NOT real elapsed time (which might include periods of CPU inactivity). Number is expected to be greater then actual frame rate returned by FrameRate(). Values significantly greater actual frame rate indicate that rendering is limited by GPU performance (CPU is stalled in-between), while values around actual frame rate indicate rendering being limited by CPU performance (GPU is stalled in-between). More...
Standard_Size CounterValue (Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter theIndex) const
 Get counter value. More...
Standard_Size operator[] (Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter theIndex) const
 Get counter value. More...
Standard_Real TimerValue (Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer theIndex) const
 Get timer value. More...
Standard_Real operator[] (Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer theIndex) const
 Get timer value. More...
 Graphic3d_FrameStatsData ()
 Empty constructor. More...
Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataoperator= (const Graphic3d_FrameStatsData &theOther)
 Assignment operator. More...
void Reset ()
 Reset data. More...
void FillMax (const Graphic3d_FrameStatsData &theOther)
 Fill with maximum values. More...

Protected Attributes

std::vector< OSD_TimermyOsdTimers
 precise timers for time measurements More...
std::vector< Standard_RealmyTimersPrev
 previous timers values More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Graphic3d_FrameStatsData
std::vector< Standard_SizemyCounters
 counters More...
std::vector< Standard_RealmyTimers
 timers More...
std::vector< Standard_RealmyTimersMin
 minimal values of timers More...
std::vector< Standard_RealmyTimersMax
 maximum values of timers More...
Standard_Real myFps
 FPS meter (frames per seconds, elapsed time) More...
Standard_Real myFpsCpu
 CPU FPS meter (frames per seconds, CPU time) More...

Detailed Description

Temporary data frame definition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp()

Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp ( )

Empty constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ChangeCounterValue()

Standard_Size& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::ChangeCounterValue ( Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter  theIndex)

Get counter value.

◆ ChangeFrameRate()

Standard_Real& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::ChangeFrameRate ( )

Returns FPS (frames per seconds, elapsed time).

◆ ChangeFrameRateCpu()

Standard_Real& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::ChangeFrameRateCpu ( )

Returns CPU FPS (frames per seconds, CPU time).

◆ ChangeTimer()

OSD_Timer& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::ChangeTimer ( Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer  theTimer)

Return a timer object for time measurements.

◆ ChangeTimerValue()

Standard_Real& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::ChangeTimerValue ( Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer  theIndex)

Modify timer value.

◆ FlushTimers()

void Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::FlushTimers ( Standard_Size  theNbFrames,
bool  theIsFinal 

Compute average data considering the amount of rendered frames.

◆ operator=()

void Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::operator= ( const Graphic3d_FrameStatsData theOther)

Assignment operator (skip copying irrelevant properties).

◆ operator[]() [1/2]

Standard_Size& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::operator[] ( Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter  theIndex)

Modify counter value.

◆ operator[]() [2/2]

Standard_Real& Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::operator[] ( Graphic3d_FrameStatsTimer  theIndex)

Modify timer value.

◆ Reset()

void Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::Reset ( )

Reset data.

Field Documentation

◆ myOsdTimers

std::vector<OSD_Timer> Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::myOsdTimers

precise timers for time measurements

◆ myTimersPrev

std::vector<Standard_Real> Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp::myTimersPrev

previous timers values

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