Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0
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TNaming_Localizer Class Reference

#include <TNaming_Localizer.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 TNaming_Localizer ()
void Init (const Handle< TNaming_UsedShapes > &US, const Standard_Integer CurTrans)
const TopTools_MapOfShapeSubShapes (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const TopAbs_ShapeEnum Type)
const TopTools_IndexedDataMapOfShapeListOfShapeAncestors (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const TopAbs_ShapeEnum Type)
void FindFeaturesInAncestors (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const TopoDS_Shape &In, TopTools_MapOfShape &AncInFeatures)
void GoBack (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const TDF_Label &Lab, const TNaming_Evolution Evol, TopTools_ListOfShape &OldS, TNaming_ListOfNamedShape &OldLab)
void Backward (const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &NS, const TopoDS_Shape &S, TNaming_MapOfNamedShape &Primitives, TopTools_MapOfShape &ValidShapes)
void FindNeighbourg (const TopoDS_Shape &Cont, const TopoDS_Shape &S, TopTools_MapOfShape &Neighbourg)

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Boolean IsNew (const TopoDS_Shape &S, const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &NS)
static void FindGenerator (const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &NS, const TopoDS_Shape &S, TopTools_ListOfShape &theListOfGenerators)
static void FindShapeContext (const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &NS, const TopoDS_Shape &theS, TopoDS_Shape &theSC)
 Finds context of the shape . More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TNaming_Localizer()

TNaming_Localizer::TNaming_Localizer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Ancestors()

const TopTools_IndexedDataMapOfShapeListOfShape& TNaming_Localizer::Ancestors ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  Type 

◆ Backward()

void TNaming_Localizer::Backward ( const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  NS,
const TopoDS_Shape S,
TNaming_MapOfNamedShape Primitives,
TopTools_MapOfShape ValidShapes 

◆ FindFeaturesInAncestors()

void TNaming_Localizer::FindFeaturesInAncestors ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const TopoDS_Shape In,
TopTools_MapOfShape AncInFeatures 

◆ FindGenerator()

static void TNaming_Localizer::FindGenerator ( const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  NS,
const TopoDS_Shape S,
TopTools_ListOfShape theListOfGenerators 

◆ FindNeighbourg()

void TNaming_Localizer::FindNeighbourg ( const TopoDS_Shape Cont,
const TopoDS_Shape S,
TopTools_MapOfShape Neighbourg 

◆ FindShapeContext()

static void TNaming_Localizer::FindShapeContext ( const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  NS,
const TopoDS_Shape theS,
TopoDS_Shape theSC 

Finds context of the shape .

◆ GoBack()

void TNaming_Localizer::GoBack ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const TDF_Label Lab,
const TNaming_Evolution  Evol,
TopTools_ListOfShape OldS,
TNaming_ListOfNamedShape OldLab 

◆ Init()

void TNaming_Localizer::Init ( const Handle< TNaming_UsedShapes > &  US,
const Standard_Integer  CurTrans 

◆ IsNew()

static Standard_Boolean TNaming_Localizer::IsNew ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const Handle< TNaming_NamedShape > &  NS 

◆ SubShapes()

const TopTools_MapOfShape& TNaming_Localizer::SubShapes ( const TopoDS_Shape S,
const TopAbs_ShapeEnum  Type 

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