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StdObject_Shape Class Reference

#include <StdObject_Shape.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for StdObject_Shape:
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Public Member Functions

 StdObject_Shape ()
 Empty constructor. More...
TopoDS_Shape Import () const
 Import transient object from the persistent data. More...
void PChildren (StdObjMgt_Persistent::SequenceOfPersistent &theChildren) const

Protected Member Functions

void read (StdObjMgt_ReadData &theReadData)
 Read persistent data from a file. More...
void write (StdObjMgt_WriteData &theWriteData) const
 Write persistent data to a file. More...

Protected Attributes

Handle< StdPersistent_TopoDS::TShapemyTShape
StdObject_Location myLocation
Standard_Integer myOrient

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ StdObject_Shape()

StdObject_Shape::StdObject_Shape ( )

Empty constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Import()

TopoDS_Shape StdObject_Shape::Import ( ) const

Import transient object from the persistent data.

◆ PChildren()

void StdObject_Shape::PChildren ( StdObjMgt_Persistent::SequenceOfPersistent theChildren) const

◆ read()

void StdObject_Shape::read ( StdObjMgt_ReadData theReadData)

Read persistent data from a file.

◆ write()

void StdObject_Shape::write ( StdObjMgt_WriteData theWriteData) const

Write persistent data to a file.

Field Documentation

◆ myLocation

StdObject_Location StdObject_Shape::myLocation

◆ myOrient

Standard_Integer StdObject_Shape::myOrient

◆ myTShape

Handle< StdPersistent_TopoDS::TShape > StdObject_Shape::myTShape

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