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VrmlData_Scene Class Reference

#include <VrmlData_Scene.hxx>

Public Types

typedef VrmlData_ListOfNode::Iterator Iterator

Public Member Functions

 VrmlData_Scene (const Handle< NCollection_IncAllocator > &=0L)
VrmlData_ErrorStatus Status () const
void SetVrmlDir (const TCollection_ExtendedString &)
void SetLinearScale (const Standard_Real theScale)
NCollection_List< TCollection_ExtendedString >::Iterator VrmlDirIterator () const
Iterator GetIterator () const
VrmlData_MapOfNode::Iterator NamedNodesIterator () const
const Handle< NCollection_IncAllocator > & Allocator () const
const Handle< VrmlData_Node > & AddNode (const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &theN, const Standard_Boolean isTopLevel=Standard_True)
Handle< VrmlData_NodeFindNode (const char *theName, const Handle< Standard_Type > &theType=0L) const
Handle< VrmlData_NodeFindNode (const char *theName, gp_Trsf &theLocation) const
VrmlData_Sceneoperator<< (Standard_IStream &theInput)
 operator TopoDS_Shape () const
TopoDS_Shape GetShape (VrmlData_DataMapOfShapeAppearance &M)
const Handle< VrmlData_WorldInfo > & WorldInfo () const
void Dump (Standard_OStream &theStream) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadReal (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, Standard_Real &theResult, Standard_Boolean isApplyScale, Standard_Boolean isOnlyPositive) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadXYZ (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, gp_XYZ &theXYZ, Standard_Boolean isApplyScale, Standard_Boolean isOnlyPositive) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadXY (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, gp_XY &theXYZ, Standard_Boolean isApplyScale, Standard_Boolean isOnlyPositive) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadArrIndex (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, const Standard_Integer **&theArr, Standard_Size &theNBl) const
Standard_Integer GetLineError () const
void SetIndent (const Standard_Integer nSpc)
VrmlData_ErrorStatus WriteXYZ (const gp_XYZ &theXYZ, const Standard_Boolean isScale, const char *thePostfix=0L) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus WriteArrIndex (const char *thePrefix, const Standard_Integer **theArr, const Standard_Size theNbBl) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus WriteLine (const char *theLine0, const char *theLine1=0L, const Standard_Integer theIndent=0) const
VrmlData_ErrorStatus WriteNode (const char *thePrefix, const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &) const
Standard_Boolean IsDummyWrite () const

Static Public Member Functions

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadLine (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer)
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus ReadWord (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, TCollection_AsciiString &theStr)

Protected Member Functions

VrmlData_ErrorStatus createNode (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer, Handle< VrmlData_Node > &theNode, const Handle< Standard_Type > &Type)

Static Protected Member Functions

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus readLine (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer)
static VrmlData_ErrorStatus readHeader (VrmlData_InBuffer &theBuffer)
static void createShape (TopoDS_Shape &outShape, const VrmlData_ListOfNode &, VrmlData_DataMapOfShapeAppearance *)

Detailed Description

Block of comments describing class VrmlData_Scene

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ Iterator

Iterator type to get all contained Nodes one-by-one.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ VrmlData_Scene()

VrmlData_Scene::VrmlData_Scene ( const Handle< NCollection_IncAllocator > &  = 0L)


Member Function Documentation

◆ AddNode()

const Handle< VrmlData_Node >& VrmlData_Scene::AddNode ( const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &  theN,
const Standard_Boolean  isTopLevel = Standard_True 

Add a Node. If theN belongs to another Scene, it is cloned.

VrmlData_WorldInfo cannot be added, in this case the method returns a NULL handle.

◆ Allocator()

const Handle< NCollection_IncAllocator >& VrmlData_Scene::Allocator ( ) const

Allocator used by all nodes contained in the Scene.

◆ createNode()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::createNode ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
Handle< VrmlData_Node > &  theNode,
const Handle< Standard_Type > &  Type 

Create the node.

theBufferInput buffer from where the node is created
theNodeOutput parameter, contains the created node on exit
TypeNode type to be checked. If it is NULL no type checking is done. Otherwise the created node is matched and an error is returned if no match detected.

◆ createShape()

static void VrmlData_Scene::createShape ( TopoDS_Shape outShape,
const VrmlData_ListOfNode ,

Create a single Shape object from all geometric nodes in the list.

◆ Dump()

void VrmlData_Scene::Dump ( Standard_OStream theStream) const

Diagnostic dump of the contents

◆ FindNode() [1/2]

Handle< VrmlData_Node > VrmlData_Scene::FindNode ( const char *  theName,
const Handle< Standard_Type > &  theType = 0L 
) const

Find a node by its name.

theNameName of the node to find.
theTypeType to match. If this value is NULL, the first found node with the given name is returned. If theType is given, only the node that has that type is returned.

◆ FindNode() [2/2]

Handle< VrmlData_Node > VrmlData_Scene::FindNode ( const char *  theName,
gp_Trsf theLocation 
) const

Find a node by its name.

theNameName of the node to search for.
theLocationLocation of the found node with respect to the whole VRML shape.

◆ GetIterator()

Iterator VrmlData_Scene::GetIterator ( ) const

Iterator of Nodes

◆ GetLineError()

Standard_Integer VrmlData_Scene::GetLineError ( ) const

Query the line where the error occurred (if the status is not OK)

◆ GetShape()

TopoDS_Shape VrmlData_Scene::GetShape ( VrmlData_DataMapOfShapeAppearance M)

Convert the scene to a Shape, with the information on materials defined for each sub-shape. This method should be used instead of TopoDS_Shape explicit conversion operator when you need to retrieve the material aspect for each face or edge in the returned topological object.

MData Map that binds an Appearance instance to each created TFace or TEdge if the Appearance node is defined in VRML scene for that geometry.
TopoDS_Shape (Compound) holding all the scene, similar to the result of explicit TopoDS_Shape conversion operator.

◆ IsDummyWrite()

Standard_Boolean VrmlData_Scene::IsDummyWrite ( ) const

Query if the current write operation is dummy, i.e., for the purpose of collecting information before the real write is commenced.

◆ NamedNodesIterator()

VrmlData_MapOfNode::Iterator VrmlData_Scene::NamedNodesIterator ( ) const

Get the iterator of named nodes.

◆ operator TopoDS_Shape()

VrmlData_Scene::operator TopoDS_Shape ( ) const

Convert the scene to a Shape.

◆ operator<<()

VrmlData_Scene& VrmlData_Scene::operator<< ( Standard_IStream theInput)

Import from text stream (file or else). This method is protected by Mutex, it is not allowed to read/write two VRML streams concurrently.

◆ ReadArrIndex()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadArrIndex ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
const Standard_Integer **&  theArr,
Standard_Size theNBl 
) const

Read an array of integer indices, for IndexedfaceSet and IndexedLineSet.

◆ readHeader()

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::readHeader ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer)

Read and verify the VRML header (the 1st line of the file)

◆ ReadLine()

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadLine ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer)

Read a VRML line. Empty lines and comments are skipped. The processing starts here from theBuffer.LinePtr; if there is at least one non-empty character (neither space nor comment), this line is used without reading the next one.

theLineBuffer receiving the input line
theInputInput stream
theLenLength of the input buffer (maximal line length)

◆ readLine()

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::readLine ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer)

Read whatever line from the input checking the std::istream flags.

◆ ReadReal()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadReal ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
Standard_Real theResult,
Standard_Boolean  isApplyScale,
Standard_Boolean  isOnlyPositive 
) const

Read one real value.

◆ ReadWord()

static VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadWord ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
TCollection_AsciiString theStr 

Read a singel word from the input stream, delimited by whitespace.

◆ ReadXY()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadXY ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
gp_XY theXYZ,
Standard_Boolean  isApplyScale,
Standard_Boolean  isOnlyPositive 
) const

Read one doublet of real values.

◆ ReadXYZ()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::ReadXYZ ( VrmlData_InBuffer theBuffer,
gp_XYZ theXYZ,
Standard_Boolean  isApplyScale,
Standard_Boolean  isOnlyPositive 
) const

Read one triplet of real values.

◆ SetIndent()

void VrmlData_Scene::SetIndent ( const Standard_Integer  nSpc)

Store the indentation for VRML output.

nSpcnumber of spaces to insert at every indentation level

◆ SetLinearScale()

void VrmlData_Scene::SetLinearScale ( const Standard_Real  theScale)

Set the scale factor that would be further used in methods ReadReal, ReadXYZ and ReadXY. All coordinates, distances and sized are multiplied by this factor during reading the data.

◆ SetVrmlDir()

void VrmlData_Scene::SetVrmlDir ( const TCollection_ExtendedString )

Add the given directory path to the list of VRML file search directories. This method forms the list of directories ordered according to the sequence of this method calls. When an Inline node is found, the URLs in that node are matched with these directories. The last (implicit) search directory is the current process directory ("."). It takes effect if the list is empty or if there is no match with exisiting directories.

◆ Status()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::Status ( ) const

Query the status of the previous operation. Normally it should be equal to VrmlData_StatusOK (no error).

◆ VrmlDirIterator()

NCollection_List<TCollection_ExtendedString>::Iterator VrmlData_Scene::VrmlDirIterator ( ) const

Returns the directory iterator, to check the presence of requested VRML file in each iterated directory.

◆ WorldInfo()

const Handle< VrmlData_WorldInfo >& VrmlData_Scene::WorldInfo ( ) const

Query the WorldInfo member.

◆ WriteArrIndex()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::WriteArrIndex ( const char *  thePrefix,
const Standard_Integer **  theArr,
const Standard_Size  theNbBl 
) const

Write an array of integer indices, for IndexedFaceSet and IndexedLineSet.

◆ WriteLine()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::WriteLine ( const char *  theLine0,
const char *  theLine1 = 0L,
const Standard_Integer  theIndent = 0 
) const

Write a string to the output stream respecting the indentation. The string can be defined as two substrings that will be separated by a space. Each of the substrings can be NULL, then it is ignored. If both are NULL, then a single newline is output (without indent).

theLine0The first part of string to output
theLine1The second part of string to output
  • 0 value ignored.
  • negative decreases the current indent and then outputs.
  • positive outputs and then increases the current indent.
Error status of the stream, or a special error if myOutput == NULL.

◆ WriteNode()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::WriteNode ( const char *  thePrefix,
const Handle< VrmlData_Node > &   
) const

Write the given node to output stream 'myOutput'.

◆ WriteXYZ()

VrmlData_ErrorStatus VrmlData_Scene::WriteXYZ ( const gp_XYZ theXYZ,
const Standard_Boolean  isScale,
const char *  thePostfix = 0L 
) const

Write a triplet of real values on a separate line.

theXYZThe value to be output.
isScaleIf True, then each component is divided by myLinearScale.
thePostfixOptional string that is added before the end of the line.

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