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TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier Class Reference

This class compares vertices on an edge. More...

#include <TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier (const TopoDS_Shape &E)
 Create a Pave classifier to compare vertices on edge <E>. More...
TopAbs_State Compare (const Handle< TopOpeBRepBuild_Loop > &L1, const Handle< TopOpeBRepBuild_Loop > &L2)
 Returns state of vertex <L1> compared with <L2>. More...
void SetFirstParameter (const Standard_Real P)
void ClosedVertices (const Standard_Boolean B)
- Public Member Functions inherited from TopOpeBRepBuild_LoopClassifier
virtual ~TopOpeBRepBuild_LoopClassifier ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Standard_Real AdjustCase (const Standard_Real p1, const TopAbs_Orientation o, const Standard_Real first, const Standard_Real period, const Standard_Real tol, Standard_Integer &cas)

Detailed Description

This class compares vertices on an edge.

A vertex V1 is inside a vertex V2 if V1 is on the part of the curve defined by V2.

If V2 is FORWARD V1 must be after V2 on the curve. If V2 is REVERSED V1 must be before V2 on the curve. If V2 is INTERNAL V1 is always inside. If V2 is EXTERNAL V1 is never inside.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier()

TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier::TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier ( const TopoDS_Shape E)

Create a Pave classifier to compare vertices on edge <E>.

Member Function Documentation

◆ AdjustCase()

static Standard_Real TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier::AdjustCase ( const Standard_Real  p1,
const TopAbs_Orientation  o,
const Standard_Real  first,
const Standard_Real  period,
const Standard_Real  tol,
Standard_Integer cas 

◆ ClosedVertices()

void TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier::ClosedVertices ( const Standard_Boolean  B)

◆ Compare()

TopAbs_State TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier::Compare ( const Handle< TopOpeBRepBuild_Loop > &  L1,
const Handle< TopOpeBRepBuild_Loop > &  L2 

Returns state of vertex <L1> compared with <L2>.

Implements TopOpeBRepBuild_LoopClassifier.

◆ SetFirstParameter()

void TopOpeBRepBuild_PaveClassifier::SetFirstParameter ( const Standard_Real  P)

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