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OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs Class Reference

Element rendering frame statistics. More...

#include <OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs.hxx>

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Public Member Functions

 OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs ()
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual void Render (const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &theWorkspace) const override
 Render element. More...
virtual void Release (OpenGl_Context *theCtx) override
 Release OpenGL resources. More...
void Update (const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &theWorkspace)
 Update text. More...
void SetTextAspect (const Handle< Graphic3d_AspectText3d > &theAspect)
 Assign text aspect. More...
virtual void DumpJson (Standard_OStream &theOStream, Standard_Integer theDepth=-1) const override
 Dumps the content of me into the stream. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGl_Element
 OpenGl_Element ()
virtual Standard_Boolean IsFillDrawMode () const
 Return TRUE if primitive type generates shaded triangulation (to be used in filters). More...
virtual Standard_Size EstimatedDataSize () const
 Returns estimated GPU memory usage for holding data without considering overheads and allocation alignment rules. More...
virtual void UpdateMemStats (Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp &theStats) const
 Increment memory usage statistics. Default implementation puts EstimatedDataSize() into Graphic3d_FrameStatsCounter_EstimatedBytesGeom. More...
virtual void UpdateDrawStats (Graphic3d_FrameStatsDataTmp &theStats, bool theIsDetailed) const
 Increment draw calls statistics. More...
virtual void SynchronizeAspects ()
 Update parameters of the drawable elements. More...

Protected Member Functions

void updateChart (const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &theWorkspace)
 Update chart presentation. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from OpenGl_Element
virtual ~OpenGl_Element ()

Protected Attributes

Handle< OpenGl_FrameStatsmyStatsPrev
 currently displayed stats More...
Handle< Graphic3d_TransformPersmyCountersTrsfPers
 transformation persistence for counters presentation More...
OpenGl_Text myCountersText
 counters presentation More...
OpenGl_Aspects myTextAspect
 text aspect More...
Handle< Graphic3d_TransformPersmyChartTrsfPers
 transformation persistence for chart presentation More...
Handle< Graphic3d_ArrayOfTrianglesmyChartArray
 array of chart triangles More...
Handle< OpenGl_VertexBuffermyChartVertices
 VBO with chart triangles. More...
Handle< OpenGl_IndexBuffermyChartIndices
 VBO with chart triangle indexes. More...
Handle< OpenGl_VertexBuffermyChartLines
 array of chart lines More...
OpenGl_Text myChartLabels [3]
 chart labels More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from OpenGl_Element
template<typename theResource_t >
static void Destroy (OpenGl_Context *theContext, theResource_t *&theElement)
 Pointer to the context is used because this method might be called when the context is already being destroyed and usage of a handle would be unsafe. More...

Detailed Description

Element rendering frame statistics.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs()

OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs ( )

Default constructor.

◆ ~OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs()

virtual OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::~OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ DumpJson()

virtual void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::DumpJson ( Standard_OStream theOStream,
Standard_Integer  theDepth = -1 
) const

Dumps the content of me into the stream.

Reimplemented from OpenGl_Element.

◆ Release()

virtual void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::Release ( OpenGl_Context theCtx)

Release OpenGL resources.

Implements OpenGl_Element.

◆ Render()

virtual void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::Render ( const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &  theWorkspace) const

Render element.

Implements OpenGl_Element.

◆ SetTextAspect()

void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::SetTextAspect ( const Handle< Graphic3d_AspectText3d > &  theAspect)

Assign text aspect.

◆ Update()

void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::Update ( const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &  theWorkspace)

Update text.

◆ updateChart()

void OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::updateChart ( const Handle< OpenGl_Workspace > &  theWorkspace)

Update chart presentation.

Field Documentation

◆ myChartArray

Handle< Graphic3d_ArrayOfTriangles > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartArray

array of chart triangles

◆ myChartIndices

Handle< OpenGl_IndexBuffer > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartIndices

VBO with chart triangle indexes.

◆ myChartLabels

OpenGl_Text OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartLabels[3]

chart labels

◆ myChartLines

Handle< OpenGl_VertexBuffer > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartLines

array of chart lines

◆ myChartTrsfPers

Handle< Graphic3d_TransformPers > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartTrsfPers

transformation persistence for chart presentation

◆ myChartVertices

Handle< OpenGl_VertexBuffer > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myChartVertices

VBO with chart triangles.

◆ myCountersText

OpenGl_Text OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myCountersText

counters presentation

◆ myCountersTrsfPers

Handle< Graphic3d_TransformPers > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myCountersTrsfPers

transformation persistence for counters presentation

◆ myStatsPrev

Handle< OpenGl_FrameStats > OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myStatsPrev

currently displayed stats

◆ myTextAspect

OpenGl_Aspects OpenGl_FrameStatsPrs::myTextAspect

text aspect

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