Open CASCADE Technology  7.7.0
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XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon Struct Reference

Common (obsolete) material definition. More...

#include <XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon.hxx>

Public Member Functions

 XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon ()
 Empty constructor. More...
Standard_Boolean IsEqual (const XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon &theOther) const
 Compare two materials. More...
void DumpJson (Standard_OStream &theOStream, Standard_Integer theDepth=-1) const
 Dumps the content of me into the stream. More...

Data Fields

Handle< Image_TextureDiffuseTexture
 image defining diffuse color More...
Quantity_Color AmbientColor
 ambient color More...
Quantity_Color DiffuseColor
 diffuse color More...
Quantity_Color SpecularColor
 specular color More...
Quantity_Color EmissiveColor
 emission color More...
Standard_ShortReal Shininess
 shininess value More...
Standard_ShortReal Transparency
 transparency value within [0, 1] range with 0 meaning opaque More...
Standard_Boolean IsDefined
 defined flag; TRUE by default More...

Detailed Description

Common (obsolete) material definition.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon()

XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon ( )

Empty constructor.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DumpJson()

void XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::DumpJson ( Standard_OStream theOStream,
Standard_Integer  theDepth = -1 
) const

Dumps the content of me into the stream.

◆ IsEqual()

Standard_Boolean XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::IsEqual ( const XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon theOther) const

Compare two materials.

Field Documentation

◆ AmbientColor

Quantity_Color XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::AmbientColor

ambient color

◆ DiffuseColor

Quantity_Color XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::DiffuseColor

diffuse color

◆ DiffuseTexture

Handle< Image_Texture > XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::DiffuseTexture

image defining diffuse color

◆ EmissiveColor

Quantity_Color XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::EmissiveColor

emission color

◆ IsDefined

Standard_Boolean XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::IsDefined

defined flag; TRUE by default

◆ Shininess

Standard_ShortReal XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::Shininess

shininess value

◆ SpecularColor

Quantity_Color XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::SpecularColor

specular color

◆ Transparency

Standard_ShortReal XCAFDoc_VisMaterialCommon::Transparency

transparency value within [0, 1] range with 0 meaning opaque

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