Open CASCADE Technology
Data Fields
RWMesh_NodeAttributes Struct Reference

Attributes of the node. More...

#include <RWMesh_NodeAttributes.hxx>

Data Fields

TCollection_AsciiString Name
 name for the user More...
TCollection_AsciiString RawName
 name within low-level format structure More...
Handle< TDataStd_NamedDataNamedData
 optional metadata More...
XCAFPrs_Style Style
 presentation style More...

Detailed Description

Attributes of the node.

Field Documentation

◆ Name

TCollection_AsciiString RWMesh_NodeAttributes::Name

name for the user

◆ NamedData

Handle< TDataStd_NamedData > RWMesh_NodeAttributes::NamedData

optional metadata

◆ RawName

TCollection_AsciiString RWMesh_NodeAttributes::RawName

name within low-level format structure

◆ Style

XCAFPrs_Style RWMesh_NodeAttributes::Style

presentation style

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