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ShapePersistent_TopoDS Class Reference

#include <ShapePersistent_TopoDS.hxx>

Inheritance diagram for ShapePersistent_TopoDS:
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Data Structures

class  HShape
class  pTBase
struct  tObject
struct  tObject1

Public Types

typedef tObject< pTSimple< TopoDS_TWire > > TWire
typedef tObject< pTSimple< TopoDS_TShell > > TShell
typedef tObject< pTSimple< TopoDS_TSolid > > TSolid
typedef tObject< pTSimple< TopoDS_TCompSolid > > TCompSolid
typedef tObject< pTSimple< TopoDS_TCompound > > TCompound
typedef tObject1< pTSimple< TopoDS_TWire > > TWire1
typedef tObject1< pTSimple< TopoDS_TShell > > TShell1
typedef tObject1< pTSimple< TopoDS_TSolid > > TSolid1
typedef tObject1< pTSimple< TopoDS_TCompSolid > > TCompSolid1
typedef tObject1< pTSimple< TopoDS_TCompound > > TCompound1
- Public Types inherited from StdPersistent_TopoDS
typedef IgnoreData< StdObjMgt_Persistent, pTShape, TopoDS_TShapeTShape

Static Public Member Functions

static Handle< HShapeTranslate (const TopoDS_Shape &theShape, StdObjMgt_TransientPersistentMap &theMap, ShapePersistent_TriangleMode theTriangleMode)
 Create a persistent object for a shape. More...

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ TCompound

◆ TCompound1

◆ TCompSolid

◆ TCompSolid1

◆ TShell

◆ TShell1

◆ TSolid

◆ TSolid1

◆ TWire

◆ TWire1

Member Function Documentation

◆ Translate()

static Handle< HShape > ShapePersistent_TopoDS::Translate ( const TopoDS_Shape theShape,
StdObjMgt_TransientPersistentMap theMap,
ShapePersistent_TriangleMode  theTriangleMode 

Create a persistent object for a shape.

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